Article submission sites


Article submission sites

When it comes to off-page SEO, one of the most essential steps is article submission sites. Article submission is the most effective way to obtain a high-quality backlink to your website. 

The problem arises when you do not have sufficient information – article submission sites. Ezeeonline, a leading SEO company in India, gives you an article submission sites list with fast approval, do-follow, high DA, high PA, and high MOZ rank for 2023. 

We have submitted our articles to these article submission sites  and ensured that everyone can publish their engaging, unique, and handwritten content.

What exactly is an article in SEO?

A piece of  article that describes or defends something is known as an article. In terms of SEO, the length of an article can range from 400 to 700 words and should have solid information that is valuable to both users and search engines.

According to Google rules, an article should be informative rather than promotional. 

You can find article submission sites on the internet that either approve your writing immediately or take some time before it goes public. If you want to rank your target keywords quickly, use instant article submission sites.

Who is Capable of Writing an Article?

Anyone can write an article on any topic with writing ability. You may also hire a professional content writer to create articles for you. When you engage a content writer, keep in mind that the post must be SEO-friendly.

It is always better to write information by hand rather than utilising software or a program. Content spinning is a black hat SEO strategy, so write your content by hand.

What Is the Difference Between Dofollow and No Follow Links?

Backlinking is the method by which search engine bots connect several websites. Content marketers can take advantage of this by including do-follow links to their blogs or websites on popular article submission services in India. What exactly are do-follow and no-follow links?

The status of any link that allows a visitor or search engine to access another website via the link is known as do follow.

If your website’s do-follow links are present on other websites with higher domain values, they can boost your rating in search engine results. If visitors click on the links, they also present a direct opportunity to enhance traffic.

No follow prevents search bots from following your given link, having no direct impact on your site’s search engine results page rating. They do, however, allow you to increase your exposure through article submission platforms. 

 When your content begins to receive good attention, your prospects of obtaining organic do-follow links rise. However, most bloggers choose article submission sites for quick results.

The Most Important Advantages of Article Submission Sites

Article submission sites allow you to submit high-quality, useful, and distinctive content to third-party websites for higher visibility. Aside from exposure, there are numerous other advantages to using such sites, like:

  • Increasing your search engine rankings. 
  • Create leads mostly through free marketing.
  • If visitors follow the backlink, your website traffic may improve.
  • In the modern era, viral content has a good potential of attracting a lot of high-quality backlinks.

        Guidelines for Article Submission

        There are hundreds of thousands of article submission sites available, and the rules for article submission differ from one site to the next. Here are some of the most popular article submission guidelines to remember:

        1. Title : Make sure that each piece of article has a unique title that clearly describes what the article is about. The title should contain 60 characters.

        2. Summary : Before you can submit your article, most article submission platforms will want you to enter a summary of it. You can write a brief description of your article in the summary field. A summary box typically allows you to write 150 to 200 characters.

        3. Tags and keywords : Most article submission platforms require you to input your target keyword and topic for a specific article in the Keywords and Tags area. The keyword part improves your article’s rating, whereas the tag portion categorises it.

        4. Body of the Article : It is the section where you will enter your article’s actual content, including written and multimedia. Before you hit the publish button, double-check that your article is unique and new.

        Depending on the website where you submitted your story, it may go live immediately or require approval from the moderators. 

        The moderator will review your content for plagiarism and other issues, and if it matches the rules mentioned on their website, it will be approved within a few days or sooner.

        The Article Writing Golden Rules

        • Your article’s content must be fresh and unique. 
        • Its length should be 700 words. 
        • There should be no grammatical or spelling errors. 
        • Keyword duplication must be avoided. 

              Are There Various Types of Article Submission Websites?

              It should be noted that there are two types of such sites:

              Paid article submission

              These sites charge you a small editorial fee for publishing your content. You might also think about collaborating with these Indian sites to generate sponsored content.

              Article Submission for Free

              Free article sites allow you to publish Web 2.0 blogs for free. You can push your link-building agenda here to increase the worth of your domain and acquire do-follow or no-follow connections.

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     85 69
     21 36
     41 54
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     76 67
     92 75
     77 61
     54 57
     50 34
     92 75
     42 48
     43 53
     50 60
     50 59
     50 54
     36 43
     22 43
     52 55
     60 40
     63 56
     21 40
     16 32
     26 48
     92 79
     67 54
     39 49
     91 72
     80 57
     28 49
     25 41
     30 47
     78 61
     63 58
     29 52
     29 53
     26 47
     70 56
     20 31
     69 64
     64 50
     53 45
     34 46
     53 45

              Backlinks have long been one of the most essential components in a website’s rating, and article submission is how we get backlinks from other websites. It is one of the most regularly used off-page tactics for improving a website’s ranking. It also boosts the amount of referral visitors to our website. 

              You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re looking for the top and instant approval article submission sites list in 2023. Here is a list of article submission sites that can assist you in generating a lot of traffic and backlinks.


              Our list of article submission platforms comes to an end here. You can improve your SERP ranking by contributing content to these websites. The majority of these are free article submission sites with fast approval. We also covered how to submit an article to any website in the preceding post. 

              Please leave a remark if you find any difficulties. In addition, we will continuously update this article submission sites list so that you can find new sites.


              Is every article submission site free? 

              No, not all article submission websites are free. Some websites with great traffic and authority demand a fee for article submission. We have covered both free and paid article submission sites in this blog.

              Why should someone use article submission websites?

              Article submission websites are commonly utilised to obtain high-quality backlinks. These links aid in achieving a high Google ranking.

              What exactly are Instant article submission websites?

              Instant article submission sites are those where you can instantly post your article. Without the editor’s approval, your article will be published.

              Which are the finest sites for free article submission in India?

              Some of the finest free article submission sites in India include Google sites, Quora, Github, storify, Ezine articles, Articlebiz, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and MyArticles.

              Need any help in SEO, link building and keyword ranking, get in touch with us!

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